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1. Preplan your Workouts


Plan your workouts ahead of time on a calendar or in your planner! This will help motivate you and give you ideas of what workouts to do ahead of time. Here is my calendar, and no I don’t always stick with it (things come up, lazy days, etc.), but that is okay! Don’t beat yourself up over one missed day.

2. Get a Workout Buddy

…Or buddies! It can be anyone from your Mom and dad to your best friend, this person will help to keep you on track and prevent lazy days from occurring! And best of all, they make it even more fun to workout. Em and I go biking together quite a lot, keeping each other motivated, all while having a blast!

3. Keep it Interesting

It’s so important for you to change up your workouts. It gets boring running on the treadmill everyday, so make a list of different options! Here are some examples:


4. Get Cute Workout Gear

After a trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sports Authority, I always want to put whatever new clothing item I bought to use. So treat yourself, buy that new top and head to the gym to show it off!

5. Make an Inspiration Board

Grab some magazines and cut out any images or articles that inspire you or simply make you want to go out and exercise. Make a collage and look at it when you’re feeling too lazy to head out and hit that hiking trail.

6. Reward Yourself

Make a rewards chart and hang it on your wall. However, try not to reward yourself with any form of junk food. Here is an example list:

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.20.27 PM

7. Start off Slow

You don’t want to push your limits too far when first starting out because you might get discouraged. Start off with small goals then build up to larger ones, so you are able to stay motivated and prevent from injuring yourself!

8. Picture the Outcome

Think about how great you’ll feel right after that workout or how great you’ll look in that dress after you tone up! (You look hawt in it right now too;))

9. Make a great Playlist

When you are listening to songs you love that motivate you, there is no way you’ll want to stop in the middle of that workout. Here’s my playlist:


10. Share your Experience!

Let others know what works for you! Share what goals you were able to reach, for example, call your best friend when you are finally able to complete that yogilates ab workout video without giving up! Maybe even blog about it 😉