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Hey guys! So a couple weeks ago I was feeling a little wild and inspired by Kylie Jenner, so I went to Target and bought some blue washable hair dye! I picked out Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Hair color. It was $6.99 at my target and I was excited to try it out.

So tonight I opened up the box and read the directions to find out you do it with dry hair and you just wash it out when you’re bored of it.

So I put on the glove started applying it and it looked really good for cheap at-home hair dye. It took about 12 minutes to do the bottom five inches of my hair.

However, even though I untangled my hair before applying the product it started to pull out a lot of my hair and I would brush my hair out. It felt like a lot of my hair was coming out and that wasn’t fun.

After I was finished, I brushed my hair out (which was very painful) and made sure it was completely dry. My hair now feels like straw and I’m really not happy with the overall results. I think it came out looking pretty good however considering how much of my hair was pulled out and it feeling like straw I would definitely not recommend. Also, my hair starts to get tangled five minutes after I brush it and the dye comes off on my fingers when I run my hands through my hair. (ugh)

So if you’re feeling a little wild tonight, definitely try out some hair chalk instead. Hope this helps!