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Hello everyone!


Today I felt particularly inspired to share one of my overwhelming passions, art/design. As an aspiring Graphic Designer and Art Enthusiast, I am constantly searching for inspiration. When doing so, sometime last week, I discovered a set of artists and paintings that rendered me speechless and left me with a lasting impression far beyond the typical means of “inspiration”.

On my search I discovered the wonders of the LA Art Show which ultimately led me to some truly amazing artists such as, Johan Andersson, Dan Monteavara, Joseph Lee and Tomer Peretz. To attend the LA Art Show is a newfound goal of mine! (or be in it ;)- There I go dreaming again)

Abandoned Beginnings by Johan Andersson (Oil on Canvas- 62 by 70 in)

Abandoned Beginnings by Johan Andersson (Oil on Canvas- 62 by 70 in)

This first oil painting, by Johan Andersson, caught my eye instantaneously. I cannot even clearly express in words how powerful and striking this work truly is. The brushwork is so soft, smooth, and seamless. It is so seemingly simple, yet complex. The true level of detail, when observed closely, is awe-striking. Ranging from the cracks in his lips to the picturesque landscape found in his glossy eyes. The raw emotion depicted is so striking and powerful, it nearly leaves you at a loss for words. This particular painting has become a new favorite of mine and such a source of inspiration going forward in my career.

By Tomer Peretz

By Tomer Peretz

Tomer Peretz

Tomer Peretz

This next oil painting by Tomer Peretz, varies greatly in style and content, coming to a close second on my list of favorite works. If you check out his Facebook page, it is truly amazing to witness the process of how this painting came to life. His use of multi-dimensional hues and pointillism, is extremely appealing to the eye; clearly emphasizing the cheetah that is portrayed and delineating it from its given background. I absolutely love this composition due to its concept of design and subject matter. I tend to gravitate towards lions and cheetahs as my own subject matter for works, and love seeing others interpret such iconography. If you check out Peretz’s other works, they are so diverse and exude an insane amount of talent, go check him out! He is now one of my all-time favorite Post-Modern artists.

By Dan Monteavaro

By Dan Monteavaro

This next piece is by Dan Monteavaro, a talented Pop Artist, who uses various mediums such as oil, ink, and acrylic to obtain all of his unique compositions. A majority of his works consist of typical Pop Art portrayals of men, women, and etc., however they contain overlapping graffiti-esque designs, along with striking color. This particular work differs from such, however still maintains a striking graphic-appeal. The message being portrayed can be interpreted in various ways. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on such a rather simple yet strikingly bold and powerful composition!

"Lazarus" by Joseph Lee (Giclee Print)

“Lazarus” by Joseph Lee
(Giclee Print)

This next work, by Joseph Lee, is extremely bold and beautiful in both contrast and content. The woman portrayed is absolutely gorgeous, her face illuminated by the red strokes placed behind her face and on her lips. I love Lee’s play on color, as well as his use of painterly brushstrokes and simulated texture. From a design standpoint, this composition absolutely amazes me, serving as another great source of inspiration for my aspiring career. Briefly glancing at his other works, I am excited to further explore the nature of his artistic style and message.


Lastly, this awesome van, I discovered via Facebook on Art Unified’s timeline. Check them out, they are all for inspiring and promoting upcoming artists, as well as showcasing their work. I am unsure who the artist is, as it was not evidently listed, however I already strongly admire their work! This van is decked out with a variety of bold colors, textures, and typography. Such raw talent!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

I would love to hear your personal thoughts on these pieces of art!

Which works are your favorite?